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Efficient airflow control innovative solutions Efficient airflow control innovative solutions
Efficient airflow
Maintain human safety, save energy and reduce the cost of maintaining HVAC systems in critical environments with these innovative solutions.

Energy-efficient airflow control solutions for critical environments

Critical environments such as laboratories, hospital spaces, pharmaceutical process areas and biocontainment facilities demand precision airflow control. Without it, the results are higher energy costs and unsafe conditions for staff and/or patients. Phoenix Controls airflow control solutions allow you to use lower levels of conditioned outside air – saving you money while keeping people safe and preserving the integrity of your work.
Phoenix Controls products are comprised of four major categories to provide complete systems and critical application solutions:

  • Valves and controllers
  • Sensors and monitors for all kinds ofspaces
  • Devices such as fumehoods that augment system controls at the room level
  • Network integration products to provide an important interface to the overall building control system


Core of Phoenix Controls’ air flow control systems
Energy-efficient airflow control systems for critical environments: maintain the safety of your people and preserve the integrity of their work.
  • Valves

    The core of airflow control systems

    Best-in-class solutions to maintain proper pressurisation in wet chemistry laboratories and other multi-discipline environments.

  • Front End Software

    Real time, simple, comprehensive

    Provides both real-time and historical data from airflow control solutions in a simple dashboard format.

  • BAS Integration

    The power of data

    Solutions to help reduce energy costs, ensure compliance to industry standards and troubleshoot equipment issue.

  • Fume Hood Controls

    Multiple configurations

    World-class products that work with air flow valves to maintain face velocity at the hood opening at safe levels.

  • Valve Controllers

    Designed for pressurised spaces

    Provide superior I/O and precision airflow control schemes where directional airflow is important.

  • Valve Upgrade Kits

    Meeting new technology demands

    The perfect choice for upgrading legacy controllers to save energy, reduce operating costs and support advanced control schemes.

  • Space Sensors and Monitors

    Comprehensive environmental control

    Ideal for monitoring key environmental parameters: pressure, temperature and humidity, and maintaining room level control.


Recognised leader in precision air flow and pressurisation control technology
  • Clean air control
    and energy efficiency
    for critical environments
  • Ensure safe
    conditions for users
  • Reduce costs
    of maintaining
    HVAC systems

Applications Areas

One product, many applications
Biocontainment Facilities
Biocontainment Facilities
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