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Intelligence power
A compact, powerful, high-performance fire alarm control panel enriched with a plethora of user-friendly features

DXc Intelligent Multi-Protocol Fire Alarm Control Panels

The Morley-EN DX Connexion range of fire alarm control panels are surprisingly easy to install and use. Simply fix the device to the wall, connect the field wiring, and in as few as four button presses later, you can have a compliant, working fire alarm system. Complete protection without any hassle or worry!


DXc Control Panels
A range of single-loop, two-loop and four-loop control panels, each of which is fully addressable, programmable and offers support for multiple protocols.
DXc1 Single Loop Control Panel
DXc2 Two Loop Control Panel
DXc4 Four Loop Control Panel


This addressable, single loop fire detection system supports Morley protocol. It comes with two sounder circuits (1A max), a 2A power source, a general relay (Alarm and Fault), one programmable relay, fixed auxiliary output and resettable 24V 250mA output, two keys and two inputs for programmable functions. The panel also includes a 6 * 40 Character LCD display, an integrated USB port for PC programming and an RS485 port for repeaters. The DXc1 can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a networked system with other DXc series panels in up to 16 loops.

The CD contains a loop and battery calculator, manuals and programming software to allow the display to be customised and address labels to be imported from an Excel file.

  • Loop Capacity ( 99 Detectors +99 Devices)
  • Networking up to 16 loops (Combination of 1; 2 & 4 Loops)
  • 6x40 characters, blue liquid crystal display with backlight illumination
  • Configuration by keypad and PC
  • 160 Fire Zones
  • Fire, Fault and Auxiliary relays
  • Loop-Battery calculator for reliable system design
  • 7 day timer
  • Onboard diagnostic
  • EN54-2, EN54- 4
  • LPCB approved
  • Optional: 40, 80 or 160 zone alarm LEDs


Quality Components for a Quality Device
Each DXc control panel is composed of high-quality, perfectly engineered components for reliable performance in any kind of situation.

    Connecting Panels
    In order to connect panels together to create a network, a DXc Network card must be fitted to each panel. The Network card is fitted to the four studs using the screws supplied to the L/H side of the control panel.

    Elegant Bluetooth Low Energy
    The Bluetooth Dongle (BLE/KIT) is a plug-and-play module that enables wireless communication between the Morley DXc panel and the Honeywell mobile application for simple, smart and secure commissioning and maintenance operations.

    The USB Upload/Download lead provides the interface between a PC and any Morley-IAS fire alarm control panel.
  • RS232 CARD

    Easy Connections
    RS232 Card allowing the connection of a serial device to the panel such as BMS system or AMX fire graphics software.

TG Software Series
Graphic Management Software


This software allows fast and easy administration of any incident (sound, voice, video) that arises in one or more centres directly from a PC. In the event of an alarm or any other event, a graphic representation of the condition of the sensor is shown in real time. With this programme, it is possible to read off the state of each item of equipment and to determine its state, describe the type of signal, etc. Connection with the systems can be made directly to the serial port of the administration computer (15 metres according to the RS232C standard) or by means of the protocol.
  • Identification of each point on planes with icons, instructions and sounds
  • Administration and control of the system with options for deletion, mute, resetting and evacuation
  • Different levels of access fully configurable by the user
  • Historical administration with selectable display and printout for each type of register
  • RS-232 connection of up to 15 metres either via IP or via intranet
  • TGP-Modbus can be used to provide integration for Scada through Software.

DXc Kit

Honeywell’s Morley EN DXc range now features a comprehensive kit that is suitable for installers and end users who are looking for a solution that is simple, smart and secure. It comprises of a compact, high performance, feature-rich, economical fire alarm control panel as well as devices such as detectors and modules that are designed to suit a wide range of applications. Easy to install and commission, the DXc Kit promotes cost savings and maximises productivity. The kit can also be configured using an Android app – better mobility, and better control at your fingertips. Your ideal fire safety solution for the protection of small to medium-sized buildings.
  • Honeywell Morley IAS SmartConfig: Mobile app for configuring/commissioning a Morley DXc Panel:

    • Easy and convenient panel configuration through a mobile app saves time and effort
    • Eliminates the need to carry heavy laptops to the site for configuration
    • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity to the DXc fire alarm panel
    • Offline commissioning option: Configure while in the office/or offsite and then upload data to panel


Quality Components for a Quality Device
Each DXc control panel is composed of high-quality, perfectly-engineered components for reliable performance in any kind of situation.


Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

The S200A photoelectric smoke detector has a completely new detection chamber design which delivers improved responsiveness, reduced sensitivity changes caused by settling dust, and reduced false alarms from ingress of insects and other debris. The plug-in unit uses sophisticated processing circuitry with smoothing filters to help eliminate transient environmental noise conditions that can cause unwanted alarms. The devices are managed by embedded software running complex algorithms that further improve resilience to false alarms and improve detection speed.

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