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Complete line of HVAC and fire/smoke actuators. Each product is extensively tested to ensure accurate control and energy-efficiency wherever installed.
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Damper Actuators

HVAC Damper Actuator  |  Fire and smoke Damper Actuators

Our line of Damper Actuators act as the critical interface between the control and mechanical parts of HVAC systems. Easy to install, these damper actuators provide accurate control for HVAC systems. Our fire and smoke damper actuators deliver fast-acting damper close in 15 seconds along with a consistently proper level of torque.


Safety first
Designed to suit multiple applications backed by Honeywell’s guarantee for reliability and high performance.
HVAC Damper Actuators
Fire & Smoke Damper Actuators
  • CN Actuators

    Non-Spring Return Direct-Coupled Damper Actuators

    CN20/34 Series

    • Self-centering shaft adapter
    • Access cover to facilitate connectivity
    • Service/off for safe and easy servicing
    • Rotation direction selectable by switch
    • Declutch for manual adjustment
    • Mechanical position indicator and end limits
    • Field-installable auxiliary switches
    • Mountable in any orientation (no IP54 if upside down)
    • CE and UL certified

    CN75 Series

    • Declutch for manual adjustment
    • Adjustable mechanical end limits
    • Removable access cover for direct wiring
    • Mountable in any orientation
    • Function selection switch for selecting modulating or floating/2-position control
  • MS Actuators

    • Brushless DC submotor with electronic stall protection for floating/modulating models
    • Floating/Modulating models can provide two-position (SPST) control
    • Brush DC submotor with electronic stall protection for twoposition models
    • Self-centering shaft adapter (shaft coupling) for wide range of shaft sizes
    • Metal housing with built-in mechanical end limits
    • UL (cUL) listed

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