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Switch To Safety In Style
Flat Switches With Satin Matt Finish

Front Plates

Blenze Plus front plates are curved on top and bottom with progressive taper, which effectively eliminates dust deposition, 6M and above plates are reinforced with metallic back which provides add-on strength. It prevents warpage or breaking and ensures a seamless transition from switch board to the wall.


  • Available in satin matte finish
  • Curved design on top and bottom, eliminates dust deposition
  • 6 Modules and above plates reinforced with metal Back for better strength
  • Precision engineered locking
  • Fully RoHS compliant product
  • Available in synthetic chalk white & synthetic Bblack color
ItemCode Description Module
DW101SCW 1 Module Front Plate 1M
DW102SCW 2 Module Front Plate 2M
DW103SCW 3 Module Front Plate 3M
DW104SCW 4 Module Front Plate 4M
DW106SCW 6 Module Front Plate 6M
DW18HSCW 8 Module Horizontal Front Plate 8M (H)
DW18VSCW 8 Module Square Front Plate 8M (S)
DW109SCW 9 Module Front Plate 9M
DW112SCW 12 Module Front Plate 12M
DW118SCW 18 Module Front Plate 18M

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