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Automate your employees’ time and attendance, and store the records reliably – in the cloud!

Efficient Time & Attendance | Agile Workforce

A great Time and Attendance Management system has the power to transform businesses, increase efficiency and ensure fair and accurate pay for every employee.

Automate and Accelerate your Time & Attendance Management in the cloud.
  • Foster More Flexibility

    Millennial Employees prefer working on flexi-hour working schedules instead of traditional clock-in-and-out methods. For progressive organizations, this result in growth coming from multiple locations, satellite offices, flex-workers and thus, streamlining and syncing up the time-tracking with performance can really become a challenge for administrators. When you’re able to streamline scheduling and communication through InTym’s user-friendly biometric attendance software, a world of new possibilities opens up.

  • Seamless Payroll Integration

    The time and resource cost attached with accurate processing clock-in records and attendance spreadsheets can add up to a huge bill for organisations. InTym’s cloud based attendance software makes this process seamless for your HR. It adds a great repertoire of analytic features resulting in better decision making by leadership. For example, one can set parameters to track paid holidays and differentiate between salaried and hourly workers; rules can be preset to automatically approve or deny employee requests when those criteria are met. Not to mention, the HR/Admin teams too can then direct their energies more productively.

  • Communicate Better

    How do your employees currently communicate with HR when they need to change their schedules? Texts, emails, phone calls, in-person requests? Which can sometimes result in confusions or misunderstandings that may lead up to employee withdrawal. Communicate better with Cloud-based HRMS software. One can request time off or shift changes, schedule leave or communicate with HR members about absences or tardiness in an organised manner resulting in overall efficiency for the organization.

  • Better Employee Engagement

    Employee motivation can be a paramount factor in the overall performance and culture building at any office. A troublesome communication regarding schedule or processing incorrect paychecks can lead to frustrations leading up to withdrawals. Cloud comes in as an incredibly user friendly way to facilitate a smooth communication between the parties with reliable schedule management solution.

  • Save Time and Money

    Picture this – HR spending extra-long hours in processing payrolls or shift schedules; employees leaving because of lack of flexible options, resulting in cheating/buddy-punching practices coming to the fore?

    Cloud based InTym payroll software saves time and money in both long and short term, without losing employee motivation!

Why InTym?
  • Experience the Cloud Advantage
  • Data Accuracy
  • Data Safety that comes with Honeywell
  • Minimal Training Required
Key Features
  • Quick

    With incredible time efficiency, InTym is plug and play Biometric software, which integrates devices with minimal training.
  • Stay

    Get immediate email alert and notification to keep getting latest updates.
  • Manage

    InTym Cloud software by Honeywell lets you customize the time-attendance policies according to the structure, hierarchy and operational requirements of your company.
  • Shift

    InTym makes it very easy to do effective shift management as well as to schedule multiple shifts.
  • AdvanceD
    Report Creation

    With InTym users can create smart custom made reports where one can select required fields and export necessary data in the requisite formats such as .xls, .csv, or .txt, etc.
  • Device

    InTym supports a wide range of 500TA, 5000TA and 3000WK biometric devices.
  • Resources
Documentation Size Release Date File Type Download
Datasheet 1.98 MB 15.07.2020 .pdf Download
Brochure 3.97 MB 15.07.2020 .pdf Download
Compatible Hardware 160 KB 15.07.2020 .pdf (HON-BIOEM-5000TA) Download
195 KB .pdf (HON-BIOEM-500TA) Download
517 kB .pdf (HON-BIOEM+MI-3000WK) Download
Quick User Guide 3.97 MB 15.07.2020 .pdf Download
Other Software 156 MB 15.07.2020 .zip (HON-EASYACCESS-3.5) Download
98.9 MB .zip (HON-EASYTIME-3.0) Download
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