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Zero pressurisation
Protect water systems from supply over-pressure and reduce water consumption with Honeywell’s range of PRVs.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Honeywell’s PRVs have been fitted in millions of buildings thanks to advantages like high quality design, consistent performance and ease of installation. By balancing and optimising inlet pressure, the PRV prevents damage to water systems and consequently to buildings. Since it is not sensitive to dirt and is also resistant to corrosion and scaling, the PRV offers reliable and consistent operations over many years.


Protecting life and property
For trouble-free operations even in high-flow applications, explore Honeywell’s range of Pressure Relief Valves.



Pressure Reducing Valve With Balanced Seat And Set Point Scale

  • Available up to size 11/4"" approved by LGA for low noise, Group 1 without limitations - available with and without fittings
  • The valve insert is of high quality synthetic material and can be fully exchanged
  • The set pressure is directly indicated on the set point scale
  • Conform to BSEN 1567
  • All materials conform to UBA and are ACS approved
  • Specifications
  • Resources
The D06F pressure reducing valve protects water systems in buildings against over pressure from supply. Balancing and optimization of fluctuating inlet pressures prevents damage occurring, for example in old systems when the pressure from the water supplier is increased.
Simple installation in the pipework and the use of materials suited to the application make the D06F particularly reliable and problem free:
  • Not sensitive to dirt because of the integral filter and optimized flow path around the valve disc
  • Corrosion resistant - made with dezincification - resistant brass and with spring located outside the flow medium
  • Resistant to scaling or damage by cavitation of the valve seat because it is made of high quality synthetic material
  • The D06F can be used for water, other non- aggressive liquids, compressed air and for nitrogen and is also suitable for systems fitted with downstream flushing valves
  • It can be used for high or low pressure requirements and for industrial applications
  • Pressure reduction can be either centralized or on individual sections
Valve cartridge replacement and filter cleaning can be carried out without removing the pressure reducing valve from the pipework.
Outlet pressure set by simply turning to the required setting on the adjustment scale. The individual setting determines at what pressure the water flows through the pipework.
The modular construction makes it possible to fit an FN09S retrofit filter and an RV277 non-return check valve to create a filter combination Or complete water supply combination unit.
System flow noise is minimized by reducing outlet pressure and keeping it constant.
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Piston Type Valve


Protection Against Excessive Pressure Supply

  • Outlet pressure adjustable with adjusting screw
  • The adjustment spring is not in contact with the drinking water
  • Compact construction
  • Specifications
  • Resources
  • Nominal Pressure: 16 bar
  • Working Medium: Water
  • Working Temperature: 00Ct800C
  • Outlet Pressure: 1 bar to 5.5 bar
  • Parallel Pipe Thread to ISO228
  • Available Sizes: DN15 to DN50
  • Protects household water installations against excessive pressure from the supply
  • Can be used for industrial or commercial applications within the range of their specification
  • Pressurization damage is avoided and water consumption is reduced
  • Outlet pressure adjustable with adjusting screw
  • The adjustment spring is not in contact with the drinking water
  • Compact construction
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