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Cable Management Solutions
Power Anytime, Anywhere
The Reliable Distribution Of Power, Data & Telecom Cables

Floor Based Application

Ease of installation, customization, flexibility, efficiency and safety are fundamental to the distribution of power, data and telecom cables. A Cable Management Solution addresses these needs effectively and provides comprehensive solutions for floor based applications. Such a Solution provides ideal solutions for the distribution of cables and access to power, data and communication services under the floor.


  • Double cover structure
  • Concealed mounted base box that can be screwed
  • Brushed oxidation surface made of aluminium alloy
  • Module frames for wiring accessories
ItemCode Description Unit of Measurement
UTQB050125 Mtrack 50x25x1.6 - 1Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos
UTQB075125 Mtrack 75x25x1.6 - 1Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos
UTQB100125 Mtrack 100x25x1.6 - 1Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos
UTQB150225 Mtrack 150x25x1.6 - 2Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos
UTQB225325 Mtrack 225x25x1.6 - 3Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos
UTQB250325 Mtrack 250x25x1.6 - 3Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos
UTQB300325 Mtrack 300x25x1.6 - 3Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos
UTQB350325 Mtrack 350x25x1.6 - 3Comp 2.5Mtr 275GSM Nos

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