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Simple parking
Automate your building’s car parking system for more efficient traffic flow, and to optimise space usage, eliminate confusion and save energy costs.

Parking and Energy
Management Systems (P&EMS)

Utilising multi-sensing technologies, Honeywell’s Parking and Energy Management System ensures smooth flow of vehicular and human traffic in parking bays while managing lighting at optimal levels.

Seamless Parking Management for
Efficient Space Utilisation & Optimum Lighting

Drivers can minimise
time spent looking
for available parking slots
Manage underutilised
parking and traffic,
even during hours peak
Completely wireless
(IoT-based) for easy
installation and maintenance
Up to 80%
energy savings
for lighting fixtures
Automated parking management
reduces manpower
needs and costs
Optimises lights
for better visibility
and fewer accidents

Product Components

Goodbye parking chaos
Automated energy and space management for multi-level parking areas.
Parking Sensor
Fire & Wireless Parking Controller
Ambient Sensor
  • Parking Sensor

    Detects human/vehicular presence in parking areas

    • Dual technology sensor
      • Ultrasonic sensor for detecting cars
        • Field of view = 15°
        • Maximum detection height = 4m
      • Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor for detecting human presence
        • Field of view = 85°
    • Keep-alive notifications
    • Compact, ceiling-mountable
  • Wireless Parking Controller

    Wireless-enabled solution for networked lights

    • Functions as local data collector for parking sensors
    • Zigbee communication technology
    • Keep-alive notifications
    • Ceiling-mountable
  • Ambient Sensor

    Measures ambient light, temperature and humidity levels

    • Temperature range: 0-55°C
    • Light range: 0-10,000 lux
    • Humidity range: 0-100% RH
    • Zigbee wireless protocol
    • Keep-alive notifications
    • Coin cell battery-operated
  • Gateway

    Communicates with wireless sensor, controller and backend server

    • Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces
    • Built-in database for issue logging and reporting
    • Ceiling and wall-mountable

Distributed & Centralised System Architecture

User Interface Dashboard

SMART Dashboards

Honeywell Parking and Energy Management Solution IoT platform is a combination of software and hardware wireless devices. The software user interface is designed to give detailed insights into the building usage, as well as alert the facility personnel in case of anomalies.
  • Single page access for any device at any site
  • Allows access and integration with customer app anytime, anywhere
  • Analytics: Energy Consumption, Space Utilisation, Lux Level, Equipment Maintenance and generates Alerts for suspicious detection
  • An intuitive dashboard gives you insight into parking space usage and allows you to optimise parking operations on premise

Applications Areas

One product, many applications
Residential Buildings
Residential buildings
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