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System Sensor panels provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for today’s demanding fire safety use cases.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Easy to install, Easy to use

Honeywell’s System Sensor Fire Alarm Control Panels provide a simple and reliable solution to meet the demands of today’s strict fire alarm detection requirements. The panels are designed with both installers and end users’ convenience in mind, and are suited for small- to medium-sized buildings.


Designed for both installers and users
Rich featureset and user-friendly functionalities to simplify installation for installers and operation for end users.
  • System Sensor Fire Alarm Control Panel

    Designed to satisfy the requirements of both installers and end users, this panel offers an advantageous combination of quick installation, enhanced feature set and advanced programming for all kinds of fire detection/fire safety applications. It is equipped with programmable relays, delay setting for alarm verification, software isolation of zone and NAC output, mapping of NAC to specific zones and password-protection

    • 16 x2 LCD display
    • Earth fault monitoring
    • Certified for safety standard IEC 62368-1:2018
    • Individual zone isolation
    • One-man walk test facility
    • Up to 600m per zone cable
    • Event logging
    • Cloud connectivity for CMS monitoring
  • Compact Series Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

    As a simple and reliable solution to today’s demanding fire detection requirements, Honeywell’s Compact Series Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels are best suited for small to medium-sized applications including commercial buildings, residential complexes, public offices, shops, restaurants, and more. Equipped with programmable relays, delay setting for alarm verification, software isolation of zone and NAC output and a host of other world-class features, these sensors provide a wide range of customisable choices for both system installers and users.

    • 16 x2 LCD display [from SSZEC brochure]
    • Three Form-C relays (1 Fire, 1 Fault and 1 Fire/Fault 2amps@30 VDC)
    • 1 On-board NACs operating @ 0.5A/circuit
    • Aux Output: 24VDC
    • Sounder Output: 24VDC
    • Feature Detection Circuits: 2 & 4 Zones (upto 20 Detectors + 5 MCPs)
    • Zone-wise Fire, Fault, Disable indication
    • Panel keys: Silence Buzzer/Alarm, Reset, Navigation keys (Left, Right, Down, Menu/Ok)
    • Lamp Test & Walk Test
    • Standby power 24V DC (2 12V, 7Ah Lead Acid Battery)
    • Certification (CE, LVDE)
    • Event Log- 1200 events
    • Earth fault monitoring
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