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Wiring Devices That
Epitomize Premium
A suave cosmopolitan aesthetic and state of the art features, for exclusive user experiences and unfettered design
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Unique Materials,
Superlative Designs
High-quality polycarbonate enables true design flexibility and flawless practicality, and the Blenze Pro range delivers on both.
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USB A & C Inputs, For
Fast Charging
The Blenze Pro range seamlessly aligns with modern lifestyles, for the ultimate in convenience and usability.
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Front Plate

UV stabilized, anti-bacterial, and ergonomically designed front plates, with bi-material insulated grid plates, in silky satin matt finishes.

  • Ergonomic Design of Front Plate
  • Screwdriver Slot for Easy Removal
  • Flexibility to Mount on Metal Boxes on Reputed Competition
  • Fire Retardant at 6500C
  • UV Stabilized
  • RoHS compliant
ItemCode Description Module
BW101SCW 1 Module Front Plate 1M
BW102SCW 2 Module Front Plate 2M
BW103SCW 3 Module Front Plate 3M
BW104SCW 4 Module Front Plate 4M
BW106SCW 6 Module Front Plate 6M
BW18HSCW 8 Module Horizontal Front Plate 8M (H)
BW18VSCW 8 Module Vertical Front Plate 8M (V)
BW109SCW 9 Module Front Plate 9M
BW112SCW 12 Module Front Plate 12M
BW116SCW 16 Module Front Plate 16M
BW118SCW 18 Module Front Plate 18M

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