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Cable Management Solutions
Power Anytime, Anywhere
The Reliable Distribution Of Power, Data & Telecom Cables

Wall Application

Wall Applications are designed to enclose power, telephone and ancillary Solution service cables, facilitating distribution in commercial and other similar establishments, and is most suited for open plan office layouts and modern building methods which require a versatile arrangement of services for easy installation and flexible use.


  • Premier is an advanced integrated Cable Management Solution for general cable distribution. This modern Solution provides the means not only to distribute but also to access power, data and communication services throughout a building.
  • Premier has been designed for surface mounting and includes standard tees, angles, joints and four-way junctions, making it ideal for continuous installations.
  • Premier is non-corrosive and not affected by sea water. It has excellent resistance to mineral acids, alkalis and detergents Good resistance to alcohol but liable to attack from solvents such as ketones, aromatics and hydrocarbons
  • Clip-on covers constant accessibility for rewiring extensions and modifications to an installation
  • Premier is resistant to vermin and termites. It is stable and will maintain its performance characteristics under the terms and conditions described above
ItemCode Description Unit of Measurement
NCT1050D1WHI UPVC Trunking 100x50 Std Length 2 Mtrs Mtrs
NCT5050D1WHI UPVC Trunking 50x50mm Std Length 2 Mtrs Mtrs
NVS50D1WHI Divider 50 Deep Std Length 2 Mtrs Mtrs
NAE1050WHI External Angle 100x50 Nos
NAE5050whi External Angle 50x50 Nos
NAF1050WHI Flat Angle 100x50 Nos
NAF5050WHI Flat Angle 50x50 Nos
NAI1050WHI Internal Angle 100x50 Nos
NAI5050WHI Internal Angle 50x50 Nos
NBP100WHI Cable Retainer 100 Wide Nos
NBP50WHI Cable Retainer 50 Wide Nos
NCI1050WHI Internal Coupler 100x50 Nos
NCI5050WHI Internal Coupler 50x50 Nos
NCU1050WHI Flat Cross 100x50 Nos
NCU5050WHI Flat Cross 50x50 Nos
NEP1050WHI End Cap 100x50 Nos
NEP5050WHI End Cap 50x50 Nos
NJC1050WHI Joint Cover 100x50 Nos
NJC5050WHI Joint Cover 50x50 Nos
NSB1T3I Mounting Box 1-3 Mod Premier System Nos
NSB4T5I Mounting Box 4-5 Mod Premier System Nos
NSB8I Mounting Box 8 Mod Premier System Nos
NSB3ICW Mounting Box 3M Suitable for Premier and Prestige 3D Nos
NTF1050WHI Flat Tee 100x50 Nos
NTF5050WHI Flat Tee 50x50 Nos
NCT1010D1WHI UPVC Trunking 100x100mm 2 Mtrs Std Length Mtrs
NCI1010WHI Internal Coupler for 100*100mm Nos
NJC1010WHI Joint Cover for 100*100mm Nos
NVS100WHI Cable divider 100mm deep Nos
NEP1010WHI End cap for 100*100mm Nos
NAE1010WHI External angle for 100*100mm Nos
NAI1010WHI Internal angle for 100*100mm Nos
NAF1010WHI Flat angle 100*100mm Nos
NTF1010WHI Flat tee 100*100mm Nos

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