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Pro-Watch Integrated
Security Suite
Integrated software designed to meet the complete security needs of an enterprise, from access and intrusion management to video surveillance
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Integrated Security Suite

Gain centralized control and system visibility, for a coordinated response
Pro-Watch provides users control of their building security through an integrated solution of network video recording technology, access management, and cloud connected ecosystems. Our integrated suite provides both an effective and efficient solution that centralizes real time data, meets compliance, and helps reduce operating costs.


  • Pro-Watch Helps Schools Proactively Prepare For Emergencies
    Help keep your staff, students, and community safe and secure with integrated security. Honeywell provides security solutions to exceed safety requirements and improve situational awareness.
  • Pro-Watch Helps Improve Transportation Safety and Security
    Never has monitoring the safety and security of transportation been so important. Managing people flow, identifying potential exposure to risks and detecting non-compliance to evolving regulations can present challenges for airport operators. Download the brochure to see how Pro-Watch is taking airports to new heights.
  • Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite Can Improve Building Security Efficiencies
    What makes a building stand taller than the rest: How well data drives efficiencies? How fluently systems communicate? How much people enjoy being in it? Whatever your dream is, we can help make it real.
  • Pro-Watch Allows Data Centers To Switch To Resilient Safety
    We’re here to help you find cost-effective ways to protect your critical infrastructure and choose a set of building technologies that helps optimize uptime, safety, and sustainability.


Strengths and capabilities that align with optimal business outcomes

Business Continuity

Complete and single dashboard view of connected systems that improves situational awareness through seamless integration of all security solutions.


Integrated security that complies with both Sarbanes-Oxley Act and NERC CIP requirements, and ensures compliance by utilizing TLS 1.2 encryption.

Actionable Intelligence

Master your environment with instant availability of critical data and pre-defined workflows, to monitor incidents through access and video integration.

Secure your future with Pro-Watch

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