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audio output
Choose from uni-directional and bi-directional models when you need to project sound efficiently and over longer distances.

Projection Loudspeaker

Honeywell’s projection loudspeakers are perfect for accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation messages. Don't be fooled by their unassuming appearance! These speakers offer reliable operations over wide temperature and humidity ranges in outdoor applications.

Product Offerings

Uni-directional and Bi-directional Projection Loudspeakers
For extraordinary audio performance and music reproduction in indoor and outdoor spaces! Both uni-directional and bi-directional models available.


ABS Unidirectional Projection Loudspeaker

Lightweight yet stylish, unobtrusive yet powerful, the L-PJP20A is great for a number of PA & VA applications. It is easy to install, fire-proof and cost-effective.

  • 30 W
    Max power
  • 20 W
    Rated power
  • 20 W / 10 W
    Power taps @ 100V
  • 10 W / 5 W
    Power taps @ 70 V
  • 111 dB / 91 dB
    SPL at 6 W / 1 W ( 200 Hz-15 kHz, 1 m )
  • 100 V / 70 V
    Rated input voltage
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Model No. L-PJP20A
Frequency response(- 10 dB) 150 Hz - 15 kHz
Rated Power 20 W
Max Power 30 W
Rated Impedance 500 Ω / 1 K Ω
Dimensions( D x L) Φ 180mm × 230 mm
Color white(RAL 9003)
Connector Cable
Power taps @ 100V 20 W / 10 W
Power taps @ 70V 10 W / 5 W
Dispersion angle(1k HZ / -6db) 120°
Rated input voltage 100 V / 70 V
Weight 2.1 kg
Material ABS
SPL at 6W / 1W (200Hz-15kHz,1m) 111 dB / 91 dB
Model No. L-PJP20A
Description Projection Loudspeaker
Documentation Size Release Date File Type Download
Datasheet 2813.39 KB 06.11.2020 pdf Download

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