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Smart AI Supervision Smart AI Supervision
Lithium-ion Battery Protection with
Early Detection Technology
Li-ion Tamer Gen3 is an early off-gas detector providing comprehensive risk mitigation with cutting-edge technology.
Lithium-ion battery monitoring Lithium-ion battery monitoring
Effortless and stress-free
Lithium-ion battery monitoring
Off-gassing sensor based protection that's designed to be calibration-free and with an expected lifecycle comparable to the battery systems it protects
Unparalleled 3 layer protection Unparalleled 3 layer protection
Unparalleled 3 layer protection
against false positives
Li-ion Tamer Gen 3 offers unmatched reliability in detecting lithium-ion battery fires, through redundancies that reduce false alarms

Your Early Warning System for Lithium-Ion Battery Failures

Battery failures in high-risk environments can lead to the release of hazardous gases and a rapid thermal runaway event, putting the safety of your people, assets, and operations at risk of damage. Li-Ion Tamer Gen 3 is like a shield of protection for your operations, constantly on the lookout for indications of battery issues.

The Li-Ion Tamer Gen 3 off-gas detection system acts as an early warning system. It detects off-gas generation, which happens when battery cells start to fail and electrolytes break down, causing internal pressure build-up within the cell. The Li-ion Tamer product typically provides between 2 and 30 minutes warning of a thermal runaway event. By spotting these warning signs early, Li-Ion Tamer gives you a crucial window to prevent or mitigate battery failure. Li-ion Tamer is designed to respond to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are emitted during a lithium-ion battery off-gas event that occurs prior to thermal runaway. Li-ion Tamer will also detect the composition of gases (CO, H2, VOCs, etc.), released at thermal runaway.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Earliest Warning

    Detects lithium-ion battery failures before they escalate
  • Increased
    System Visibility

    Allows quick & easy configuration and monitoring to reduce setup costs
  • Scalable and

    Suits small to large battery installations with plug-and-play functionality
  • Calibration-Free

    Ensures low maintenance and extended sensor life
  • Lower Maintenance

    Provides calibration-free detection to reduce the overall cost of ownership & maintenance
  • Single-Cell

    Identifies failure without physical contact with the battery cells
  • Low Power

    Ideal for prolonged use without high energy costs
  • Improved Event
    Data Logging

    Enhances storage capabilities of the controller for more insight during post-event evaluation
  • Triple Defense Against
    False Alarms

    Minimizes unnecessary alerts through advanced technology
  • Easy

    Intuitive, quick and user friendly installation process

Secure Your Battery Systems Today!

Discover unparalleled safety with the Li-Ion Tamer Gen 3. Contact us today to explore how it can strengthen your building's security and ensure long-term reliability.


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