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Piping Water flow control devices Piping Water flow control devices
Control piping
water flow
Devices built to deliver precise control and efficient, dependable water flow performance in building piping systems

Commercial Valves

World-class products deliver unmatched value

Available in a broad range of sizes, designs and pressure capabilities, Honeywell’s commercial valves enable precise and consistent water control in all kinds of buildings. Our range includes - forged brass ball valve, dual plate check valve, manual and motorised butterfly valves, bronze balancing valve and Y strainer valve.


Zero-hassle control
A wide range of products to ensure comfortable and safe water supply with minimum wastage and no hassle.
Ball Valves
Manual Butterfly Valves
Motorised Butterfly Valves
Balancing Valves
Check Valves
  • BA-HIPL Series

    Manual Ball Valve

    • Forged Brass Body
    • Chrome Plated Ball
    • Standard Port and Full Port Design
  • BS-HWC4 Series

    Wafer type Manual Butterfly Valves

    • Wide Size Range (DN40 – DN800)
    • Available in both PN16/PN25
    • Operated by Lever/Gear Box
    • 90 deg opening/closing operation
    • Cast Iron Body
    • Expoxy Coated Ductile Iron disc/Stainless Steel disc
    • Wafer type connection
  • BSBFW Series

    Actuated Butterfly Valves

    • Wide size range (DN 50…DN500) for PN16 type
    • For On-Off Control
    • Manual override non-clutch design. Manual operation can be operated without any lever, clutch or brake upon power voltage.
    • Irreversible worm gear
    • Visual mechanical position indicator for accurate visual reference of valve position
    • Anti-condensation heater and 2 aux. limit switches on standard model
    • Enclosure IP67
    • Available in both PN16/PN25
  • V4-BLV Series

    Manual Balancing Valves

    • Wide Size range (DN50…DN300)
    • Cast iron Body
    • Lapped Ductile Iron disc
    • Wafer type and flange type Connection
  • BSV4-CWD Series

    Dual Plate Check Valve (Non Return Valve)

    • Wide Size range (DN50…DN300)
    • Cast iron Body
    • Lapped Ductile Iron disc
    • Wafer type and flange type Connection
  • V5032Y Series

    Manual Double Regulating Balancing Valve (Kombi-2-plus)

    • Manual balancing of flow rates
    • Wide range of application (Sizes DN15 up to DN80 Versions for standard and low flow rates available)
    • Easy commissioning
    • Maintenance friendly
  • YS-SL series

    YS-SLS4-PN16 (Screwed)/ YS-SLF4-PN16

    • Cast iron body with Powder coated
    • Stainless steel filter screen

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Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
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Educational Institutes
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