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Optimised energy
Honeywell’s Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) optimise energy savings by modulating the speed of fans and pumps in HVAC systems.

Variable Frequency Drive

Packed with unbeatable features like independent air duct design, optimised SVC algorithm, built-in EMC (Category C3) filter and high-speed accuracy, Honeywell’s HONVFD series provides customers a smart way to do energy-efficient HVAC control. These devices offer high overload capability, support IO expansion, and use bigger air volume and long-life cooling fan for stable operations.

Product Offerings

Step-less speed control
Advanced features for consistent operations and energy-efficient control of HVAC applications.



High Performance Variable Frequency Drives with advanced features - such as Vector control of induction motor, user-friendly programming and backstage monitoring software. These general-purpose drives provide step-less speed control for all basic HVAC applications like Fans, Pumps and Compressors and provide customers a smart way to do energy efficient HVAC Control.

  • Optimised sensorless vector control algorithm
  • Indepedent air duct design for preventing dust entering invertor
  • Auto tuning features optimise drive parameters for operation
  • Option of AC choke for mitigating line harmonics
  • High speed accuracy
  • Built-in EMC (C3) filter
  • Specifications
  • Resources
  • High Speed accuracy and wide speed range (Available from 0.75KW to 90KW)
  • High Overload capability
  • Higher torque in low speed, fast response
  • Independent air duct design for preventing dust entering inverter
  • Uses bigger air volume and long life cooling fan ensures stable operation
  • Optimised SVC Algorithm, stable operation in power generation
  • Capable of driving both Induction and Synchronous with open and closed loop vector control
  • Auto-tuning features optimise drive parameters for operation with both Induction and Synchronous motors to achieve the highest performance level
  • Support for IO expansion
  • PID controllers for achieving high performance control function
  • Built-in EMC (Category C3) filter
  • Optional AC Choke for harmonics suppression
  • Standard Modbus RTU Communication
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Commercial Buildings
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