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A new level
of Safety
A world-class, high-tech electrical fire suppression system to prevent electrical fire risks by detecting and suppressing directly at the source of fire inside the electrical cabinets
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A complete fully automatic and pre-engineered suppression system

Electrical fire hazards are shockingly common. They’re responsible for 13% of non-home structure fires and they cannot be extinguished with water. To get a reliable protection from electrical fires, explore Honeywell’s Electrical Cabinet Suppression (ECS) System – a world-class offering from the world leader in fire safety solutions.

Causes of Fire

The same electricity we rely on can also cause of a lot of devastation in the form of fires. Some of the many causes of electrical fires are:

  • Short-circuits
  • Overloading or overheating of components
  • Defective electrical connections
  • Electrical malfunctioning
  • Electrical surges
  • Fatigue/end of life of electrical wires
  • Incorrect installation
  • Faulty equipment

Electrical Cabinet Suppression (ECS) System

Making electrical panels and cabinets fire-safe

Designed to protect electrical enclosures/circuitry, Honeywell’s comprehensive, pre-engineered ECS system reduces the risk of electrical fires, and prevents potential devastation to business and property. Not only does it protect business assets, it also prevents downtime and ensures business continuity. Perfect for ‘microenvironments’ where fire hazards are likely to be in the enclosed space, it leaves out no residue behind which eliminates the need for an extensive area clean up.

  • Minimises even the most critical electrical fire risks including short circuits, overloading, overheating, electrical surges, etc.
  • Full automatic operation – no human intervention required
  • Can be installed directly inside electrical cabinets, closer to where fires usually start
  • UL-listed clean agent and heat detection tube for quick fire suppression
  • Optional dual-valve outlet: reliable, affordable protection even for large-sized cabinets
  • Leaves no dirty residue or unpleasant odour
  • Environment-friendly operation
  • Available in 3 sizes from 2.5lbs to 10lbs
  • Fire safety where it counts

    The ideal protection solution for your premises

    Keep your premises safe from the damaging effects of fire hazards by installing Honeywell’s Electrical Cabinet Suppression (ECS) System. As a fully automatic and pre-engineered suppression system, it comes in two variants of Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) and Direct Low Pressure (DLP). Besides a 24 hour battery backup, LCD display, open door alarm and a visual alarm, this system provides smart protection with 24x7 monitoring and control with a monitored alarm and fault circuits to ensure safety for business assets.


Pre-engineered ECS System Kit
Honeywell’s ECS system comprises of multiple elements that work together to provide comprehensive fire suppression inside electrical cabinets.
  • Cylinder with FK-5-1-12 Agent

    Fighting Fire
    The pressurised cylinder contains a clean agent that helps suppress a fire within moments after it begins, minimising property damage and preventing business downtime.
  • Heat Detection Tube

    Detection, Activation, Release
    One end of the heat-sensitive pneumatic polymer tube is connected to the cylinder, runs inside the bus bars of the electrical cabinets. On detecting a temperature of 110°C or above, the tube de-pressurises itself to the atmospheric pressure, and ruptures at the source of fire/heat to release the agent.
  • Pressure Switch

    Monitoring Pressure
    When the pressure in the tube is released, the switch gets activated. Upon system actuation, it indicates system discharge. The potential free dry contacts can be used to shutdown ventilation or shut-off electrical power etc.
  • Master Control Unit

    Easy Notifications
    On receiving notifications from the system pressure switch, the MCU gives outputs for sounder or to third party devices which may be used for notifications.
  • Dual Outlet Valve

    Multi-hazard coverage
    The optional dual outlet valve with Honeywell’s ECS kit allows more versatility to protect electrical systems from larger hazards than a single valve system. In addition to multi-hazard coverage, it has the capacity to connect twice the tubing length on both directions
Available in 3 Sizes


The ECS-250 and ECS-252 are Direct Low Pressure systems filled with 1.13 kg of non-toxic and odourless FK-5-1-12 fire suppression clean agent. The system operates at a working pressure of 195/240psi (13.5/16Bar) and a temperature range of -17.8° C to 54.4° C. It comes with an EOL adapter (with gauge) and cylinder valve Assy, 4 rubber grommets, 25 plastic loop clamps and a cylinder mounting bracket.

The assembly is installed on-site with the included bracket. The Heat detection tube is installed inside the electrical panel using the included rubber grommets and plastic loop clamps. The tube is pressurised with dry Nitrogen to 13.5/16 Bar using the Filling Adapter and connected to the cylinder valve assembly on-site. The EOL Adapter with gauge is connected at the end of the tube. The pressure gauge is kept outside the electrical panel for clear visibility and to ease inspection. The ball valve on the cylinder valve assembly is kept in the “ON” position to complete the installation and commissioning.

ECS-252 provides a dual valve outlet as against ECS-250 which has a single valve outlet port.

  • FK-5-1-12: 1.13 kg
  • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP): 0
  • Global Warming Potential: 1
  • Atmospheric Lifetime: 5 days
  • SNAP: Yes
System Design is based on NFPA 2001 guideline
NBC 2016
Electrical MV main distribution panel and lift panels shall be provided with CO2/inert gas/Clean gas flooding system for all panel compartments with a cylinder located beside the panel.
One product, many applications
Electrical & Electronic Cabinets
Transformer Cabinets
UPS Units
Data Processing Cabinets
Generator Enclosures
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