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Multiple applications
A broad range of loudspeakers deliver superb sound effects for a variety of general indoor applications.

Cabinet Loudspeaker

For high-fidelity sound across a range of frequencies, explore Honeywell’s range of fully-certified cabinet loudspeakers!

Product Offerings

Modern design and fuss-free installation
Easy to install and use, these loudspeakers deliver lucid treble performance and powerful bass output – perfect for general indoor applications.


6.5” Wall-mount Loudspeaker

This full-range loudspeaker (110 Hz–13 KHz) is ideal for music and speech reproduction in shops, schools, hotels and many more applications. It functions even in humid conditions and is super-easy to install and operate.

  • 6.5"
    Speaker unit
  • 6 W, 100 V line transformer
    Rated Power
  • 3 W -6 W
    Transformer power
  • 88 dB
  • 96 dB
    SPL 1 m / 6 W
  • 110 Hz ~13 KHz
    Frequency response (-10 dB)
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Model No. SS-WM06
Frequency response(- 10 dB) 110 Hz ~13K Hz
Dimensions 260 x 180 x 120 mm
Rated Power 6 W, 100 V line transformer
Color RAL 9003
Weight 1.08 Kg
Speaker Unit 6.5”
Transformer Power 3W -6W
Sensitivity 88 dB
SPL 1m/6 W 96 dB
Material ABS
Sensitivity 88 dB
Model No. SS-WM06
Description Cabinet Speakers
Documentation Size Release Date File Type Download
Datasheet 2886.11 KB 06.11.2020 pdf Download

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