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Based on the latest technology for accurate performance and reliability, plus affordability and ease of installation for multiple HVAC control applications.


Reliable, stable and efficient building control

Honeywell's broad range of sensors measure the temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and pressure to bring climate-controlled air into a room. They can be duct-mounted or wall-mounted, and offer excellent linearity with long term stability and reliability. The product range includes temperature-only sensor, humidity and temperature transducer, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, static pressure transmitter, CO2 sensor, CO sensor and water flow switch.


On-demand reliability
World-class products for temperature, CO2, humidity and pressure control – because comfort and safety both matter!
  • C7080A SERIES

    Temperature/Humidity Duct Sensor

    • Primary and/or secondary sensor for use with electronic control systems
    • Temp Sensor NTC10K, NTC20K, Pt1000
    • Operating range of 0 to 50°C
    • Mounts on a flat duct or plenum surface or, for a plenum-rated application, in a standard utility conduit box
    • Probe length of 300mm and a temperature sensor in the end
    • Rugged 14mm diameter stainless steel insertion probe
  • P8000

    Pressure Transmitter

    • Applicable in gas & liquid media
    • High accuracy
    • Thermal compensation
    • Compact construction
    • Full mis-wire protection between all signal and power lines
    • Stainless steel wetted part

    3-Wire Differential Pressure Transmitters With Current And Voltage Output

    • Differential Pressure Switch (Air)
    • DPS used for monitoring filter, fan, fire damper or air flow status of air handlin systems
    • Max Operating pressure - 10 kPa
    • Media - Air, Non-flammable gases and non-aggressive gases
    • IP54 protection
    • Integrated in bottom housing
    • Medium Temp - (-20)...+85°C; Storage Temp - (-40) to +85°C
    • Differntial Pressure Transmitter (Air)
    • Monitoring gaseous, non-aggressive media
    • Piezo-resistive pressure transducer
    • Up to 20 kPa (60 kPa) overload capacity
    • Easy installation and wiring connection
    • Measuring range adjustable by jumper
    • Response time and Output signal adjustable by jumper
  • CDS Sensors


    • High realibility and sensitivity based on Non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology
    • Optional LCD display and On/Off relay output for CO2 limit monitoring
    • Optional Modbus Communication
    • Two types Analogue signal (DCV and DCA) output
    • CE certified
  • GD250 Series

    CO Transmitter

    • 4~20 mA, / 2~10 VDC Mod-bus output
    • Option for Electrochemical sensor
    • LCD display option for both Space
    • Various mounted types selectable
    • CO range is selectable in one model
    • High reliability and accuracy
    • Wide sensing range
    • Rapid response
  • H7080B

    Temperature/Humidity Duct Sensor

    • 4~20mA/ 0~10VDC or resistance output for temperature
    • 4~20mA/ 0~10VDC output for humidity
    • Duct mounted
    • Excellent linearity
    • Good long term stability
    • High reliability
    • Wide sensing range
    • Easy installation
  • H7080 SERIES

    Temperature/Humidity Duct Sensor

    • 4~20mA/ 0~10VDC or resistance output for temperature
    • 4~20mA/ 0~10VDC output for humidity
    • Duct mounted
    • Excellent linearity
    • Good long term stability
    • High reliability
    • Wide sensing range
    • Easy installation
  • HCR3 series

    Monitoring Of Confined Spaces

    • CE and RoHS approved
    • 3 -line display (Relative Humidity, Temperature and Differential Pressure)
    • 1-inch LED display
    • Visual LED and Hooter sound option
    • BACnet, Analogue and Modbus output options available
    • Variants include with sensor, remote sensor and wihtout sensor
  • H6000

    Humidity Controller

    • Long nylon ribbon sensing element provides high driving force to assure reliable operation, even under changing ambient temperature conditions
    • Housing encloses the snap-acting switch with ¼ in. quick-connect terminals. Switch rated for line voltage and pilot operation
    • Shaft for adjusting the control point located on top of the device
    • Positive ON and OFF setting positions permit manual operation of the controlled equipment
  • H-ESF-2

    Air Flow Transmitter

    • Converts airspeed into a 4-20mA or a 0-10 VDC signal
    • Linear output signal
    • Made with corrosion resistant material
    • Fully electronic registration of airflow speed
    • AC or DC voltage supply
    • Compensates for changes of air temperature
    • Telescopic sensor facilitates installation
    • Temperature output signal 0 - 10 VDC
    • Fuse protected
  • AV-D-10/AV-R-10

    Air Velocity Transmittters

    • Highly accurate measurement of air velocities of up to 20 m/s (2000 ft/min)
    • Mounting flange permits continuous adjustment of immersion depth at duct
    • Response time (t90), measuring range, and output signal (0…10 V / 4…20 mA) can all be independently reset by shifting jumpers on the circuit board
  • WFS Series

    WFS-1001-H, WFS-1002-H, WFS-1003-H, WFS6000

    • May be used for liquids with high salt or Chlorine content but is nto for use in hazardous atmosphere
    • Can be used outdoors from must be protected from weather or splashing water
    • Can be used only as operating control

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