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Total Protection From Dust & Water
To Suit Adverse Weather Conditions


Masterseal Plus™ has been specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, and where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from dust and water. With a rating of IP66, Masterseal Plus™ offers total protection against dust, and is protected against high pressure jets of water from any direction. An improved catch eases the opening and closing of the lid, whilst ensuring the integrity of the seal. The seal is fixed to the mounting frame of the product, enabling rapid installation, and removing the risk of error when placing a floating gasket. Masterseal Plus™ is perfectly suited to a range of indoor and outdoor applications including factories, laboratories, swimming pools, commercial kitchens, industrial units, warehouses, clean rooms and more.

Product Offerings

  • IP 66 certified range of switches/bell push for outdoor use
  • Sockets with strong enclosure offering protection from water jets from any direction
  • Robust construction for outdoor temperature tolerance
  • Industry leading 20 Years guarantee, aesthetically appealing and easy to install
ItemCode Description
K56400GRY 10A 1G SP 1 Way
K56401GRY 10A 1G SP 2 Way
K56402GRY 10A 2G SP 1 Way
K56407GRY 10A 1G SP 2 Way “Bell”
56896BLK 20AX Switch Module DP 1W
86893GRY 16A Switched-Socket IP66 Enclosure
56500GRY 1Gang plate/tile flush mounting frame with protection cover
K56420GRY 1G SW Enc for use with any one SW Mod.

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