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Flawless sound
Communicate with your audience and make sure they hear your message – they way it’s meant to be heard!

Ceiling Loudspeaker

With this broad range of ceiling loudspeakers, you can expect articulate sound with high intelligibility and unobtrusive appearance. Choose from these 10 products if you’re looking for a feature-rich speaker offering consistent audio performance, reliability and world-class design.

Product Offerings

Easy to install in any environment
Flawless acoustic performance and excellent environmental compatibility in a cost-effective, easy to install avatar.


6W flush-mounting system

Lightweight and easy to install, the HN-CL06 offers a wide frequency response for superlative voice and music reproduction, multiple power tapping options and a robust crash- and rust-resistant design.

  • 6 W / 9 W
    Rated Power / Max Power
  • 6 w / 3 w / 1.5 w
    Power Taps
  • 100 V
    Rated Voltage
  • 90 ± 5 dB
    Sound Pressure Level at 1w ( 1m& 1kHz )
  • 1667 Ω / 3333 Ω / 6666 Ω
    Rated Impedance
  • 125 Hz – 16 kHz ( -10 dB with reference to 1 kHz )
    Frequency Response
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Model No. HN-CL06/
Dimension 166 mm X 60 mm
Rated Power / Max Power 6W / 9W
Power taps 6 w / 3 w / 1.5 w
Rated Voltage 100 V
Sound Pressure Level at 1w (1m& 1kHz) 90 ± 5 dB
Rated Impedance 1667Ω / 3333Ω / 6666Ω
Frequency response 125Hz - 16kHz (-10 dB with reference to 1kHz)
SPL at rated power/1W 95dB / 88dB (1m & 1kHz)
Size of Speaker (dia) 166 mm
Hole cut out 140 mm
Magnet Weight 90 gm
Connection 4 Pole screw connector
Color White
Dimension 166 mm X 60 mm
Weight of Speaker 500 gm
Model No. HN-CL06/
Description Ceiling Loudspeaker
Documentation Size Release Date File Type Download
Datasheet 4992.11 KB 06.11.2020 pdf Download

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