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The Most Power Packed Range of Circuit Protection Devices

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

RCCB detects the residual current in the circuit and isolates the circuit from the fault, when the values exceed the set limit.


  • Automatically disconnects the circuit when earth leakage current occurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity
  • Independent of line voltage and voltage fluctuation
  • Push to Test button
  • High short-circuit current withstand capacity
  • Positive contact position indicates the real contact position with Red and Green indication
  • Terminal height fully aligned with MCB terminal
  • Label holder to place circuit identification tag
  • 30 mA-provides protection against electric shock due to direct contact to the line parts
  • 100 mA-provides protection against electric shock due to indirect contact and ground current leakage
  • 300 mA-provides protection against insulation faults/leakage in building, which may lead to fire
  • No. of Pole : 2, 4
  • Rated current (A): 25, 40, 63
ItemCode Rating Sensitivity Carton Qty.*
SR22530 25A 30mA 6 / 90
SR24030 40A 30mA 6 / 90
SR26330 63A 30mA 6 / 90
SR225100 25A 100mA 6 / 90
SR240100 40A 100mA 6 / 90
SR263100 63A 100mA 6 / 90
SR225300 25A 300mA 6 / 90
SR240300 40A 300mA 6 / 90
SR263300 63A 300mA 6 / 90