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Reliable Lighting
for Safety
during Emergencies
Quick turn-on emergency lighting solutions to minimise the panic and maximise safety during emergency situations
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Ensuring safe movement, evacuation and life safety

In modern premises, emergency situations can occur anytime. And it’s human nature to panic when faced with such a situation – whether it’s a fire, and earthquake or any other kind of crisis. To mitigate the effects of the crisis, it’s critical to evacuate people quickly and get them to safety. But if they cannot see where they’re going, they will panic and evacuation will slow down. Honeywell’s best-in-class Emergency Lighting Systems are engineered to respond instantly to crisis situations and provide sufficient lighting to help people evacuate. These systems will work even in case of a power failure, ensuring that you can get your people out and keep them safe as you deal with the crisis.

STANDALONE LUMINAIRES (with Inbuilt Batteries)

Self-contained systems: Maintained and Non-Maintained

Honeywell’s comprehensive range of standalone luminaires provide the brightness and reliable operations that are essential to avoid panic and evacuate people in case of emergencies. These devices also enable building managers and safety personnel to complete all necessary procedures such as turning off equipment safely and on time.

  • Easy to install with little or no maintenance required
  • Highly and extendable offerings that scale as per business needs
  • Both maintained & non-maintained lights available
  • Ideal for non-hazardous environments such as office buildings, government institutions, schools, etc.
  • Equip your premises to handle emergencies

    Enhance building safety in crisis situations with on-demand emergency lighting.

    Avoid panic and evacuate people in emergencies with the right lighting systems. Honeywell’s best-in-class Emergency Lighting Systems are BIS certified, IP/IK rated, and EN approved. These anti-panic escape route luminaries provide multiple mounting options, a wide pictogram range with an eight hour battery back-up, to facilitate a swift escape during crisis situations.


When a comprehensive lighting system is the need of the hour
Choose the one you need to set up a highly reliable emergency lighting system for your premises.


Emergency Light

The AeriLED 138 from Honeywell is an elegant and functional, non-maintained emergency light for indoor installation. This anti-panic luminaire is perfect for open areas with large mounting heights.

  • LED based non-maintained
  • Delivered as self-contained/auto test luminaire
  • Choice of 1, 3 or 8 hour autonomy via DIP switch


Example of installation of emergency and indication luminaires

Emergency and indication luminaires are so versatile and useful – especially during emergencies – that they find a number of use cases for all kinds of applications. Here are some types of luminaires, where they can be used and what benefit they provide.


5. Water proof emergency luminaries installed in external areas


4. Direction indicating luminaries


3. Escape route emergency luminaries


2. Emergency luminaries with direction indicating legend


1. Emergency luminaries with direction indicating legend over a door


Standalone Luminaires adhere to guidelines stated by:

  • European Regulations EN1838
  • European EN 60598-1 and EN 6058-2-22
  • NBC India
One product, many applications
Cafes and Restaurants
Shopping Centres

Emergency lighting on-demand

Honeywell's emergency lighting solutions enhance building safety, even in case of a power failure.


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