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Pro-Watch  Helps Schools Proactively Prepare For Emergencies Pro-Watch Helps Schools Proactively Prepare For Emergencies
Increase Confidence In
Your School's Security
Help keep your staff, students, and community safe and secure with Integrated Security.
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Intelligent Fire Safety System

Honeywell provides integrated school security solutions to exceed requirements. School staff and first responders can quickly access critical information necessary during an emergency event. With gunshot event detection and active shooter countermeasure technology, the system automatically dials 911 with a recorded message for law enforcement to eliminate delays in response to a crisis. Other features include immediate lockdown capabilities; livestream floor plan of a school indicating location of the shooter to law enforcement; and instant updates to mass notification systems.

  • Prepare

    A silent panic alarm can integrate with existing security solutions to create an ecosystem that directly notifies law enforcement of emergency events.
  • React

    Our systems provide an automatic response that allows security personnel, law enforcement, and school attendees to quickly access real-time data for informed decision making.
  • Respond

    Deploy unlimited communications through emergency notification systems to key personnel and community members.


Implement powerful campus surveillance that secures students and staff, without being prominent or interfering with day-to-day campus activities
  • K-12 Education

    Affordable cloud based gunshot detection and emergency management solution that brings safety and peace of mind to school leaders, parents, and students.
  • Smart Building Tech Enhances The Education Environment

    More than ever, IoT technologies make integration of campus security, constituent safety, and healthier environments possible. Secure buildings are healthy buildings. Learn about how our inclusion of Intel processors are helping to keep connected schools safe and secure.
  • Faster Response
    Helps Save Lives

    A multisite community college district in San Jose California discovers how the Pro-Watch™ Integrated Security Suite can provide intrusion and access control, video management, and above all, better lockdown capability.

  • Students Deserve to Feel Safe

    Honeywell security experts worked with Martinsville, Va., schools to implement technology that improved situational awareness and prepared them for life-threatening emergencies.

Integrated connected & layered security under one platform

Implement a scalable & modular solution


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