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Seamless alarm
management platform
PC-based alarm management system – specifically designed to meet high security needs of integrators and end users


Modular design with user-friendly features and easy workflows

Honeywell ESSER’s world-class alarm management software, WINMAG Plus v6.2 sets new standards in functionality, flexibility and quality. The large installed base around the globe demonstrates its outstanding quality and high customer satisfaction.

For direct control of connected hardware in the FD&A network

A reliable and effective alarm management system is an absolute necessity in the industrial and public sector. WINMAG Plus v6.2 provides such a solution by simplifying the monitoring and control of every device in a Fire Detection and Alarm (FD&A) system. With its open system architecture and advanced customisation abilities, WINMAG Plus adapts dynamically to changes in a connected system. It is a highly scalable solution, and existing options can be easily expanded to include, for example, access control or video. Already existing security systems by other manufacturers can also be seamlessly integrated into WINMAG Plus. Thanks to its modular design, WINMAG Plus offers the appropriate solution for every size of system and for every area of application. It also provides an innovative, user-friendly and easily customisable user interface with a wide range of standards functions such as:

  • Alarmstack
  • Priority control
  • Individual workflows and operations
  • Macro functions enable automatic back-ground processes without user intervention
  • Flexible, window-oriented graphics
  • Connection of systems over standard PC interfaces, e.g. TCP/IP, serial port
  • Open interface to various systems
  • Individual alarm handling and evaluation
One product, many applications
Government Buildings
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A future of enhanced protection

No matter the industry or the complexity of your challenge, we can help you enhance your building’s protection and return on investment with a future-proof solution.


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