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and future-proof
Powered by world-class processor technology, Honeywell ESSER’s panels satisfy even the most complex fire detection needs

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Powerful, Professional and Versatile

The Honeywell ESSER range of best-of-breed fire alarm panels meet the highest technology standards and satisfy the strictest security requirements. Ideal for complex detection purposes, these panels provide comprehensive fire protection for small- and medium-sized premises. With Honeywell’s reputation for world-class engineering and design powering these panels, they are suitable for today’s fire safety needs while also being prepared for tomorrow’s fire safety challenges.


A Powerfully Reliable Trio
Each panel is designed keeping in mind the fire safety needs of premises with respect to reliable performance, security and ease of maintenance.
IQ8Control C
IQ8Control M
FlexES Control FX18


Compact, flexible and future-proof, Honeywell ESSER’s IQ8Control C fire alarm panel complies with the highest security requirements for complex detection purposes. As an all-rounder for automatic fire protection in small and medium-sized premises, IQ8Control C includes multiple features such as compact dimensions, a broad functional range and multiple expansion options as well as an excellent cost/performance ratio. Its modular design allows flexible and user-friendly integration of various modules, which together form one unit. The IQ8Control C is compatible with Honeywell’s fire alarm system 8000 control panels.

  • State-of-the-art processor technology
  • Maximum cable length for Esserbus: 3,500 m
  • Graphics supported, high performance programming tool
  • Innovative alarm signalling by means of new IQ8Quad detector generation
  • Supports IQ8Wireless Radio Technology and IQ8Quad detectors with alarm devices
  • A maximum of 31 control panels can be networked via Essernet (500 kB)
  • Modular space-saving design
One product, many applications
Commercial Buildings
Residential Complexes
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A future of enhanced protection

No matter the industry or the complexity of your challenge, we can help you enhance your building’s protection and return on investment with a future-proof solution.


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