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Addressable Devices
for Fire Systems
Dedicated to the highest standards of product quality and reliability, and compliant with even the harshest industry regulations


Wide range for comprehensive control and versatility

From intelligent control and relay modules, and monitor modules, to firephone control modules and fault isolator modules, Honeywell NOTIFIER includes a broad range of high-performance modules to add more power and flexibility to any fire detection system. Each device is precisely designed and carefully engineered to ensure reliable fire safety for many years after installation


For diverse applications
Suitable for use with Honeywell NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels.


Control Module

The FCM-1 from Honeywell NOTIFIER is an intelligent addressable control module that provides supervised monitoring of wiring to load devices that require an external power supply to operate, such as horns, strobes or bells. It is capable of Class A and Class B supervision. Addressability allows the module to be activated, either manually or through panel programming, on a select (zone or coverage area) basis.

  • SEMS screws for easing wiring
  • Panel controlled status LED
  • Analogue communications
  • Rotary address switches
  • Low standby current
  • Mounts in standard 4 " junction box
One product, many applications
Commercial Buildings
Chemical/petrochemical plants
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Notification Devices

Voice & Telephone Talkback (ECS)

Graphics User Interface

Let’s find a solution

Together, we can find the right fire safety solution for your building — empowering you to quickly respond to potential fires and evacuate people immediately.


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