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All-round fire
and heat detection
State-of-the-art range of thermal, smoke and CO detectors for comprehensive, reliable protection of life and property.


Powered by modern, world-class detection technology

The Honeywell System Sensor series of powerful yet user-friendly speciality detectors use state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable detection in all kinds of fire situations. Each detector in the range provides both audio and visual alarm signals, ensuring that people have the time they need to escape a fire before it can spread and cause irreversible harm.


Reliable 3-fold protection from fires: Heat, Smoke and CO
Versatile range with tamper-resistant designs and world-class engineering for dependable protection from the 3 critical aspects of dangerous fires.
smoke detector
Thermal intrinsically-safe
smoke detector
6-wire Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector with RealTest® Technology
6-wire Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector with RealTest® Technology – ROUND



The JTY-GD-2151EIS conventional, intrinsically-safe photoelectric smoke detector from Honeywell System Sensor features a state-of-the-art sensing chamber. The detector is designed to provide open area protection and is for use with 2-wire control panels via interface module. It is equipped with two LEDs that provide a local, visual indication of detector status. Once the detector senses a fire, it latches on to the alarm state and remains there until it is reset by a momentary power interruption. The detector can be tested by activating an internal reed switch with a test magnet.

  • Exia II CT6
  • 360° visible LED indicator
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • SEMS screws for easy wiring (B401 plug-in detector base)
  • Low operating current
One product, many applications
Commercial buildings
Residential Buildings
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With more than six decades in the fire alarm business and more than 400 distributors, we’re committed to the highest levels of training, industry knowledge and customer service.